Hacking Happiness is a Summit on Human Potential, Performance and Wellbeing.

13. - 15. November 2014 | London


We bring together leading researchers and visionaries to explore tools and insights on how to unlock your full potential.

Hacking Happiness taps into the Zeitgeist of an ever-growing number of people wanting to understand how they function and learn tools to realise their full potential. 

Some experiment by changing their diets, others learn Mindfulness, read about Neuroscience or even decide to start their own businesses. What they all have in common is that they have started hacking their happiness.

Covering themes from Performance Hacks and Quantified Self, to Neuroscience, Meditation and Nutrition, Hacking Happiness is an interdisciplinary event on human potential, performance and wellbeing. 

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The Conference

14 November 2014 / LSO St Lukes London

Here some of our speakers

Adam Poswolsky
Author of 'The Quarter-Life Breakthrough'


Kam Star
Founder of DigitalShoreditch and Playgen

Darya Rose
Neuroscientist & Founder of ‘Summer Tomato’'

Dr David Cox
Chief Medical Officer at ‘Headspace’’'

Hemi Weingarten
CEO & Founder of ‘Fooducate’

Dr Kate Ho
Product Manager at ‘Project Ginsberg’

Laurence McCahill
Founder of ‘The Happy Startup School’

Levi Felix
Founder of ‘The Digital Detox’

Paul Dolan
LSE Professor on Behavioural Science & Happiness

Rohan Gunatillake
Founder of Mobile App ‘Buddhify’


Tak Lo
Director at ‘Techstars’

Terence Mauri
CEO Coach & Startup Mentor


Julien Deslangles-Blanch
Director UK for General Assembly

Itamar Lesuisse
Founder of Mobile App Peak

James Clear
Entrepreneur, author and 'Weightlifter'

Oliver Gray
Health & Energy expert and founder of energiseYou

Adriana Lukas
Founder of Quantified Self London

Michael Acton Smith
Founder of Mind Candy and


Dr. Cinzia Pezzolesi
Clinical Director of The Mindfulness Project


Malcolm Stern
Psychotherapist and Co-founder of Alternatives


Henry Stewart
Founder and CEO of Happy LTD


Susanna Halonen
Start Up Coach and Founder of Happyologist


Ray McKiernan
Founder of Resilience International


Gelong Thubten
Buddhist monk of Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery

Sabina Alexandra
Founder and CEO of Nutrition Mobile App Kahla

Carina Namih
Founder and CEO of DNA Biotech Company HelixNano

Hunter Lee Soik
Founder of Dream Recording Mobile App Shaddow

Kim Baden-Christensen
Founder and CEO of Brain+

Martin Underwood
Founder of The You Project

Ari Stein
Founder of Apex Powersessions

Smruti Sriram
CEO of Supreme Creations and co-Founder of Wings of Hope

Jacqueline Hurst
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master Life Coach

Dr Sophie Bostock
COO Big Health UK

Dr Mark Williamson
Director of Action for Happiness

D N A Offical
Magicians Extraoridnaires

Kansas Smitty's
Swing Jazz Legends

Work more productively



Empowerment Skills

Learn proven techniques to cultivate your talents and create the career and life that you always wanted.


Performance Hacks

Learn cutting-edge tools and habits to work more productively and achieve better results.

Understand your mind



Neuroscience & Psychology

Learn proven techniques to cultivate your talents and create the career and life that you always wanted.


Mindfulness Meditation

Gain an in depth understanding how meditation works, why its good for you and how to start practicing.

Live more healthily



Fitness & Nutrition

Meet world-renowned nutrition and fitness experts to help you boost your health and physical well-being.


Quantified Self

Discover advanced tracking technologies and learn to quantify and boost your performance.

Satellite Events

13 & 15 November 2014 / All over London

While the conference takes place on the 14th of November, there will be satellite events across London on the 13th and 15th of November. Each satellite event will offer a different take on how to hack your happiness. Here a small selection of some of our satellite events:

We are a bright young team with a bold idea.

We want to bring together the best minds on how to empower your life through working more productively, understanding your mind and living more healthily. We don't claim to have the magic formula to be happy. In fact, we

think that happiness means something different for everyone. But we do know that there is tons of research that can help us find out for ourselves. Hacking Happiness helps you find reliable information on how to unlock your full potential. 


Sebastian Nienaber

Founder / Business Development


Asia Chabelska

Co-Founder / Partners & Events


Philippa Bywater

Head of Content

Theresa Amberger

Speaker & Media Relations


Andrew Arnett

Head of Growth


Main Partners

Satellite Partners


Event Partners

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