Our Kickstarter: Support us and get some amazing rewards!

Yesterday we launched our Kickstarter campaign! For those of you who don’t know what that means, Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform that helps bring creative projects to life. People who back campaigns are normally rewarded with products, services or experiences to thank them for their pledges. We have got together with our partners to offer you a selection of all three!


Why have we made a Kickstarter?

We want to create our first Hacking Happiness event to bring together the best minds on the themes of Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Neuroscience, Psychology and Healthy Living. 

Beyond the summit in November, we also want to create a multimedia platform with well-researched and evidence-based content on our themes. 

We already have amazing speakers and partners but we need your help to make the event a success.

Although we have been working hard to get sponsors on board, we are still very much a bootstrapped venture. The more support we can get, the better the event will be. Money will be used for anything from flying in speakers and securing great event locations, to getting the best quality equipment for recording the talks.


What to expect from the event

The conference day (14th of November) boasts an exciting program of inspiring keynote talks, interactive panels and action-orientated workshops. Watch and meet a global line-up of experts.

The satellite days (13th and 15th of November) feature a diverse mix of classes, workshops, open office days, hackathons, city walks and much more! Anyone can host a satellite event to exchange knowledge, showcase their work and connect with others.


Reward packages to thank you for your support

We have some great reward options, according to your pledge. These packages are limited, so get them while you can! Also keep in mind that we will only receive the pledges if we reach our target, so please give generously if you believe in what we’re doing.

For the full list of rewards, take a look at our Kickstarter page. Here are some examples to get you started:

Mindfulness Meditation app by MentalWorkout (£10)


Live your life - boost health, happiness and relieve stress with this app. From relaxation exercises to guided meditations and even an 8 week plan to ensure the valuable practice of mindfulness meditation becomes a habit, this app is your comprehensive guide to a simple technique that can drastically improve your life.

Freeletics (£20)


Freeletics offers a revolutionary approach to fitness. Break free of the confines of the gym, meet other free athletes and see the results of a personalised, professional, rounded 15-week training programme worth £30.

General Assembly 6 Month Subscription (£35)


Our £35 package offers the fantastic opportunity to enroll in General Assembly's "Front Row" online course. This provides you with unlimited access to all upcoming live streams of talks by GA experts, on-demand streaming of classes taught by top practitioners and a growing video library that is updated weekly.

For a package worth $98, at £35 our pricing provides you with an excellent discount on this great chance to develop your business skills!

High-end Superfood Mix and 3 Nutritional Coaching Sessions (£50)


Boost your Health and Vitality with this Superfood and Nutritional Coaching Package. Receive a one month supply of the "Bliss Mix"- a fantastic blend of 10 Superfoods to boost your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants along with 3 "health, well-being and empowerment" coaching sessions from our friends at EatMoreBliss.com

They are experts in nutrition and living the good life. They will share with you ways to boost your health, the best techniques to reduce stress, and work with you to see how you may be holding yourself back from living in alignment with your highest potential. With a retail price of £225, this reward borders on crazy!

Mindfield eSense Skin Response Biofeedback System (£75)


Ever wished you could scientifically measure your stress level and learn how to reduce it? Wish no longer!

By measuring skin conductance, the eSense Skin Response gives exact feedback about your stress level using measurement curves, video display and audio feedback features via the free eSense app (available for Apple and Android). 

Retailing at £120 this package provides excellent value for a cutting-edge biotracker that can help manage stress in an often hectic world.

Optima Life Performance Masterclass Plus with Analysis at Summit (£690)


By undertaking the Optima Performance Master Class+, 5 fortunate individuals will be monitored and have their data analysed by Optima both on an individual basis and anonymously in an open workshop at the Hacking Happiness conference day on Friday 14th November.

In a package that retails at over £2000, participants will wear a 'Bodyguard', the ultimate in digital performance monitoring (and smaller than a match box) over a 72 hour period to provide data on stress and recovery, energy and sleep, activity and exercise and how best to maximise performance.

The extensive and detailed output is of value to those looking to understand, tailor and improve their performance levels in both the commercial and sporting worlds and shall be presented at our summit

To see the full list of rewards, click here.

Behind the Scenes


We will be releasing behind the scenes photos and footage from the Kickstarter shoot throughout the campaign, as well as documenting the hectic build-up to the conference. Whilst we invite everyone to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, backers will have access to exclusive updates on the Hacking Happiness process and progression.


What was it like to film the video itself? Well, hectic! Not all of the scenes were included in the final cut and the locations were all across London, just like our satellite events will be. Some of the scenes are actually satellite locations and, of course, the final scene is shot in LSO St. Luke's, our main conference space. All of this had to be filmed in less than two days. Whilst this involved a lot of hopping on and off buses, we got a great sense of how exciting this event could be. 


LSO St. Luke's


Some of the locations had their challenges. We had a lot of confused looks from passers-by and a few close shaves with traffic when filming the scene below! Nevertheless, filming Sebastian onstage at LSO st. Luke's was the perfect opportunity to imagine how inspiring the location could be.


How are you hacking your happiness?

What do you think of the project? Any suggestions or feedback? Leave a comment below or get in touch at hello@hacking-happiness.co. You can also subscribe to our newsletter here.

Happy hacking!